Principal Investigator

Benedetto Marelli


Paul M. Cook Career Development Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests:

biomaterials, self-assembly, food security, food safety, agriculture, regenerative medicine, additive manufacturing and emerging technologies



- B.Eng. Biomedical Engineering 2005, Politecnico di Milano

- M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering, 2008, Politecnico di Milano

- Ph.D. Materials Engineering, 2011, McGill University

- Postdoctoral Scholar, 2012-2015, Silklab, Tufts University


Dr. Eugene Lim

Silk fibroin synthetic biology

Dr. Doyoon Kim

Food security and nano fabrication

Dr. Federica Rigoldi

Machine learning, peptide design, molecular dynamics

Dr. Muchun Liu

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Graduate Students

Hui Sun

PhD Candidate - B.Eng '13 - Sichuan University ~ M.S. '16 - Peking University 

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Yunteng Cao

PhD Candidate - B.Eng '13 - Shanghai Jiao Tong University ~ M.Eng. '16 - Xi’an Jiaotong University 

Nothing is impossible.

Augustine Zvinavashe

PhD Candidate - B.Sc. '16 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Soccer, reading about economics, psychology and social issues, hiking.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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Timothy Roberts

CEE - Capstone

William Popov

CEE - Capstone

Augustine Zvinavashe

CEE - Capstone

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Shannon Wing


Emily Soice


Mohammed AlDajani


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Visiting students

Elisabetta Ruggeri

Visiting Master Student - Politecnico di Milano

Julie Laurent

Visiting Master Student - EPFL

Giulia Piervenanzi

Visiting Master Student - Politecnico di Milano

Anita Mollo

Visiting Master Student - Politecnico di Milano

Benedetta Petracca

Visiting Master Student - Politecnico di Milano

Nicola Contessi

Visiting PhD student - Rocca Fellow - Politecnico di Milano

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