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The Marelli research group is focused on the fabrication of new forms of biopolymers and their biomanufacturing to invent advanced materials that can interact with biomolecules, living matter and the environment.  Our work lies at the interface between biomaterials science, self-assembly and advanced fabrication and we aim to engineer new materials that work at the biotic/abiotic interface to bring biomaterials-based innovation in agriculture, food security and food safety. Other interests of the group are the engineering of biointerfaces and the preservation of living matter and biological materials in anhydrous environments.


Photo: Jake Belcher

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MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering seeks to welcome and include all members, irrespective of background or identity. All individuals are expected to treat others with respect and courtesy, irrespective of such factors as race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, or national origin. We seek to cultivate an overall climate in which every person feels welcome, respected, and are able to develop to their full potential, thereby creating a community that can do the same.

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